MEKONG ICT CAMP  is a biannual training workshop on information, communication, and technologies for citizen media, community health, and civil society development in Mekong sub-region.

Expected participants are developers (technology enthusiasts who love making stuffs), journalists, and social workers. Participants are welcome from every countries and territories, although large of the allocation will go to Mekong sub-region, which including Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam And Yunnan,China.

With the continued efforts surrounding the organizing and networking, we strive to build our elastic network and focus to make it to be:

  • A Space, in both physical and virtual sense, for fostering collaborations among information science and social development enthusiasts, software developers, journalists, social activists and NGO practioners to make the best use of information communication technology (ICT) for the purposes of social development.
  • An Engine for powering networking of facilitators and practitioners who work or intend to work with ICT in the regular work to further share, to teach and to disseminate the knowledge, skills and core practice.
  • A Center for promoting open source software, open data paradigm and creative commons knowledge.
  • A Catalyst for self-organizing activities and peer-to-peer coaching and training whereby participants, regardless of backgrounds, languages and level of skills, are engaged to provide feedback, ask questions, collect information, and all in all, enhance mutual learning.

Read our reports from 2008 and 2010 camps: 2008 report, 2010 report, 2013 report .

We hope this camp will brings together developers, journalists, and social workers in Mekong regions, to meet, connect and to start bringing about positive changes. Watch this presentation by Bicyclemark.

Kindly contact us if you are willing to organize a workshop module, to fund a mini-workshop, be/send a resource person, or be/send a participant, or have any suggestion.


Mailing list: mekongict@googlegroups.com
Twitter: @mekongict
Facebook: facebook.com/mekongict
Web: mekongict.org


For 2015 Camp inquiries, please contact our team at <MekongICTCamp@gmail.com>

Mekong ICT Camp by Thai Fund Foundation.