Mekong ICT camp 2017

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Mekong ICT Camp 2017:

innovation, citizenship, and open technology for social change in Mekong subregion:

A Hands-on Workshop on Social Innovation through Information, Communication, and Technology Capacity Development for Independent Media, Community Health Workers, and Civil Society Organizations in Mekong Sub-region.

Activity Name:   Mekong ICT Camp 2017

Date:                    September 4-9, 2017  

Place/Country:  Siem Reap, Cambodia


  • All developers, journalists, development workers and social workers are welcome.
  • Participants are welcome from EVERY Mekong-region country, and elsewhere.
  • Around 60 participants will be selected from the Mekong sub-region, with others from outside the region.


This workshop will focus mainly on already existing developmental projects in Mekong countries, trying to solve data and technological problems related to issues such as:

  • Environmental and social impacts of development projects such as dams, mines, oil and gas, road construction or land concessions.
  • Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation
  • Health, education, civil rights and others.


The workshop brings together development workers, journalists and others who are looking for solutions to their data problems. These problems can involve data collection, analysis or visualisation.

These “project initiators/problem owners” present their problem to software developers, hardware makers and data experts, who, if interested, will work with to find tech solutions for their projects.


For those from the Mekong-region: we will sponsor all your travel, accommodation and program costs, but we ask for a contribution of USD50 from each participant. This sponsorship is available for participants from the Mekong sub-region (Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and  Vietnam), including those who are originally from elsewhere but currently working on projects that related to the development of the Mekong region and its people.

Participants from outside the Mekong-region: Limited numbers of PARTIAL sponsorship (camp fee and accommodation, but not travel cost) are available for those outside Mekong Region.


  • Development workers, journalists and others with data and technical problems to solve should bring descriptions of those problems, resources, reports, datasets, equipment or anything else that will help others understand and solve the problem
  • We want participants to lead discussions. All participants can consider bringing problems, ideas, stories, tools, equipment or websites to present to others.
  • A computer is required in most of the hand-on sessions. Participants are advised to bring their personal laptop computer with them. The camp will not provide computer to participants.
  • If you have camera, video recorder, voice recorder, wifi router, Raspberry Pi, Arduino or any other equipment, please bring them, as you may find it useful and interesting to use them during the workshop.

About organizer

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5 Responses to Apply

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  2. Greeting from Phnom Penh,

    I am Kim Thidakallianey, a senior adviser of SNV organization working for the improvement of sanitation and hygiene in the rural area of Cambodia.
    I am very interested with 5th Mekong ICT camp event and would like to register my name for the event on 4-9 Sept 2017 in Siem Reap.
    I hope I can have chance to meet with tech experts in the event who can give me the solution to solve the challenge of latrine data collection in our project area.
    Please contact me via 012 492 798 or email:
    Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
    Warm regards,


  3. May Zin Thaw says:

    Myanmar was left out? Can I still apply for it, please.. ?
    I am researcher from Researchers’ Republic from Myanmar. Is there any chance to participate? If I have to pay for the cost, I will.

    May Zin Thaw

  4. iamSK says:

    We’ve got enough participant from Myanmar and Laos.

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