2008 Camper Tharum Bun on Mekong ICT Camp

Tharum Bun wrote this small piece for us.

While Mekong ICT Camp’s hope of educating new generation of technologists and citizen-journalists to enhance their capacity so that they can contribute more to their communities, the week-long workshop is essentially an opportunity that enables people from the region to gather to exchange their skills, knowledge, in particular culture. The 2008 camp in Chonburi Province’s Thammasat University Learning Resort, has more or less inspired participants to go beyond what they learned.
— Tharum Bun, a 2008 Mekong ICT camper

Tharum Bun is journalist and digital media specialist. He writes as a freelancer for Asian Correspondent, a web-based newspaper that focuses on Asia; he also covers news stories for The Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia’s oldest English newspaper. In digital media, he advises news organizations to make the most of web technologies, building and engaging targeted audience.

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Photos from Mekong ICT Camp 2008

Photos tagged “mekongictcamp” from Klaikong’s Flickr.

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