Facilitators 2017

Norbert KLEIN

Norbert KLEIN also one of ODC’s original advisory board members, is a patriarch of the Internet community in Cambodia, having been instrumental in setting up Cambodia’s Internet system in the 1990s. Norbert was also a founder and long-term head of the Internet Society of Cambodia, as well as a founder and board member of the Open Institute, an NGO leader in ICT4D. He set up and managed the Mirror, an early and long-running news aggregator, which operated from 1997–2009. Norbert is “actively retired.” He continues to consult and speak on Internet and Internet governance issues around the world.

Terry Parnell

Terry Parnell is the Mekong Regional Land Governance Information Platform Coordinator . She has more than 30 years of experience in development and humanitarian relief programs, including more than 20 years in Southeast Asia, most of that in Cambodia. Previously, as Program Director for East West Management Institute’s Open Development Initiative, she led the regional expansion of the Open Development platform, for which Open Development Cambodia (ODC) was the flagship. The Open Development model was conceived by Ms. Parnell in 2010 as a way to open up access to development information, across sectors and borders, to encourage constructive public dialogue on development trends and plans. Ms Parnell is now also working on the independent development of a platform to crowd-source stories related to people’s experience with environmental change. Ms. Parnell holds Masters degrees in both Education and Agriculture Education and Extension, with a focus on sustainable development and planned change, and a minor in Farming Systems Research and Development. She also has Certificates in African Studies and Tropical Agriculture. She is originally from Florida, in the United States, where she worked with the rural poor. She began her international career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Papua New Guinea. Ms. Parnell has also worked with grassroots groups advocating land and natural resources rights in Cambodia.

Sunil Abraham

Abraham  Sunil is the Executive Director of CIS. He is also a social entrepreneur and Free Software advocate. He founded Mahiti in 1998 which aims to reduce the cost and complexity of Information and Communication Technology for the Voluntary Sector by using Free Software. Today, Mahiti employs more than 50 engineers and Sunil continues to serve on the board as a board member. Sunil was elected an Ashokafellow in 1999 to ‘explore the democratic potential of the Internet’ and was granted a Sarai FLOSS fellowship in 2003. Between June 2004 and June 2007, he managed the International Open Source Network, a project of the UNDP’s Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme serving 42 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Between September 2007 and June 2008, he also managed ENRAP, an electronic network of International Fund for Agricultural Development projects in the Asia-Pacific facilitated and co-funded by International Development Research Centre, Canada. Email: sunil@cis-india.org

Lindsay Beck

Lindsay joined RFA in June 2014 as a program manager, actively engaged in OTF’s day-to-day operations. As the Digital Safety Director, Lindsay oversees OTF’s digital security assistance portfolio and manages the Digital Integrity Fellowship Program.

Prior to joining OTF, Lindsay worked for the National Democratic Institute, focusing on how NDI and its partners can safeguard their data and communications in their projects to ensure government accountability as well as monitor elections and other political processes. Lindsay also worked for Freedom House’s Internet Freedom program, where she worked with human rights activists on efforts to counteract censorship and surveillance as well as strengthen Internet governance and policy. Lindsay received her Master’s degree, focusing on Technology in International Affairs, from the George Washington University. E-mail: lindsay@opentech.fund

Adityo Dwijananto

Graduated from University of Indonesia with Geography major, Adityo was born in Jakarta 31 January 1990. His passion about technology and traveling made him work at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team from 2012 – now. Started as GIS Trainer in 2012, now Adityo work as Project Coordinator for Disaster Management Innovation (formerly AIFDR)’s Project. In Mekong ICT Camp 2017, he will speak about what is OpenStreetMap, how contribute, and how to utilize the OpenStreetMap data. E-mail: yantisa@hotosm.org

Wipavadee Amsungnoen 

Wipavadee (Darlee) graduated from Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University, Thailand.She is now a full-time team member of a social enterprise “HAND Social Enterprise” which is a governance and anti-corruption project consultant.She works as a project collaborator and her duty is to design projects, manage projects and collaborating the projects with the right partners. Darlee has been working in social enterprise community for almost 3 years.She worked at a non-profit organization called ASHOKA (Thailand) as a project coordinator for 6 months and then moved to Ma:D (Ma-Dee) which is a community for everyone who wants to make the world a better place for almost a year. Those experiences give her a strong connection in social enterprise network in Thailand. She is also a part of an entrepreneurship evangelist group which is a group of young people who are working in Start ups, Social enterprises, Universities and Government agencies.The group aims to spread entrepreneurship skills and mindset for students around the country via coaching and project-based learning. She is interested in Design Thinking, Service Design, Environmental Issues, Governance, Human development and Community Development. E-mail: dalee719@gmail.com


THY Try is executive director/editor-in-chief of Open Development Cambodia (ODC). He joined ODC as an advisory board member in 2011 and has progressed to become chairman of the board. As executive director/editor-in-chief, he plays important roles in ODC as it increases public access to current and historical information about Cambodia’s development trends in an online ‘open data’ platform, compiling freely-available data from a wide range of public sources. The site strengthens public knowledge and analysis of development issues to enable constructive dialogue between public, private, civil society, and international sectors in support of good governance.

Before working with ODC, he worked for the National Network on Extractive Industry Social and Environmental Impact (EISEI) as coordinator at Development and Partnership in Action (DPA) for four years. In his role, Try worked with indigenous communities, community base organizations and national NGOs to build their capacity to monitor issues regarding natural resource management, especially around databases for the mining, oil and gas sectors in Cambodia. He has experience working with companies and government ministries in the extractive industries sector, as well as leadership and management at board of director level. He had two years’ experience working for the human right organization Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (ADHOC) as human rights investigator and another two years’ experience working with a private company in social and commercial research, Indochina Research Limited (IRL). He holds multiple education and training-related certificates.

Thitirat Thipsamritkul 

Thitirat Thipsamritkulis lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, where she teaches public international law, human rights law and legal methodology.Thitirat is specially interested in the relation between market, technology and human rights. Her current research focus is the area of freedom of expression, privacy and internet governance, in which she also cooperates with civil society and public sector to advocate for better legislation and policy.

Seelan Palay

Seelan Palay born in Singapore, Seelan Palay has been an artist and activist since 2004. He has campaigned on human rights issues in Southeast Asia, with a focus on Singapore and Myanmar, and has organized numerous screenings, exhibitions, demonstrations, forums and workshops to raise awareness and encourage action to bring about positive change in the region. He is also currently the Programme Director for the Freedom Film Festival in Singapore. As Communications Manager at EngageMedia, he is working to broaden public access and communication on critical human rights and environmental stories from Southeast Asia. E-mail: lingua@engagemedia.org


Ms. Huy Eng HENG ODC Information Technology and Website Director

Graduated from Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) with a major of Computer Science. She also holds another degree in International Study from the Institute Foreign Language (IFL). With a strong technical background in web technology and interesting in society and open data, she has works for Open Development Cambodia (ODC) as the Information Technology and Website Director who takes the leading role in developing an online data hub which is the information resource for Cambodia’s development community. In addition, she advises and provides technical support to other team members in addressing any IT-related problems. Besides this, she has been involved in many local and international events related to the innovation tech and she used to be a mentor for Inno-Tech Hackathon of the Inno-Tech Festival Cambodia 2016 and be a judge for Judge for Mini-Pitch event by Technovation Cambodia 2017.   E-mail:huyeng@opendevcam.net

Kee Wee Teng 

Kee Wee Teng (AKA KIWI) is an avid maker from Singapore. Using his wealth of experience from his military career as an fighter aircrew, mechanical engineering background, Kiwi aimed to promote the awarenesses of Opensource technology and how it can empower the communities and unlock the fourth industrial revolution.

Leading by example, Kiwi actively reach out to communities in Singapore and other countries in South East Asia, and demonstrate how Opensource technology can improve livelihood and increase productivity. Kiwi is also featured in various events like Singapore Istana Open house and Makerfaire Singapore, and is also featured in Challenge Magazine https://www.challenge.gov.sg/print/feature/taking-things-into-their-own-hands 

Kiwi is also member FOSSASIA organising committee, and involved in FOSSASIA projects and events to promote and develop Opensource technologies.                                                  E-mail: avalonworkz@gmail.com

Yun-Chen Chien 

Hackathon-organizers in g0v.tw, Project Manager in g0v Civic Tech Grant. Caring #civictech #opengov #startup. Now researching on Internet and democracy.


Nunthaphat Weshsuwannarugs

Nunthaphat is a researcher of the Internet Education and Research Laboratory, Asian Institute of Technology. He works on Wireless Mesh Network, Community Wireless Network, Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) Communication and Emergency communications network. The Community Wireless Mesh Network is the main responsibility for him which he has been researching on the internet user behavior in a rural community.  E-mail: nunthaphat@ait.asia

Nayanatara Ranganathan

Nayantara manages the Freedom of Expression programme at the Internet Democracy Project where she works on the planning, co-ordination, research and advocacy of projects related to freedom of expression issues in India, as they relate to gender, net neutrality and surveillance. E-mail: nayantara@internetdemocracy.in

Preechai Mekbungwan

He is a researcher from Internet Education and Research Laboratory, Asian Institute of Technology. His research topics are Wireless mesh network, Vehicular ad hoc network, Delay-tolerant networking, Network coding and Wireless sensors network. He is working in SEA-HAZEMON project, using low cost wireless sensors for real-time monitoring of haze air quality disasters in rural communities in Thailand and Southeast Asia.                        E-mail: preechaim@ait.asia

Elizabeth Liew Over the last 10 years, Elizabeth has carved out her passion in social and environmental development, across various industries from banking, hospitality to education.

A strong believer in social change, Liz has a wealth of experience with the CSO sector, having worked on a professional and personal capacity with more than a thousand NGOs across the Asia-Pacific region. Proficient in 4 languages and presently learning French, Liz holds a double major in Public Relations and Journalism. When not working with TechSoup Asia-Pacific, Liz teaches Vinyasa Yoga and enjoys hiking, Swing Lindy Hop dancing and reading about current issues. She is based in Malaysia and can be reached on eliew@techsoupglobal.org.

Phoutthasinh Phimmachanh (Phout)

Phoutthasinh has been working in the area of information and communication for development since 2016. He has experiences in using different ICT for information sharing, dialogue and learning with rural communities, and among development practitioners. Phoutthasinh is currently a manager of a social enterprise on information development called CLICK I4Dev and general secretariat of the Lao Farmer Network.           E- mail: Phoutthasinh.phimmachanh@gmail.com


Khairil Yusof Programme Consultant with broad experience in managing, developing and implementing innovative development programmes for government, international organizations and civil society, that directly or indirectly involve digital technologies with limited resources in politically or technically constrained environments.

Has extensive cross-practice and cross-sector experience implementing programmes for UN agencies, governments and civil society in Asia-Pacific including digital rights, human rights, labour rights and environment. Also has strong technical background in software development and systems administration with open source software, specifically FreeBSD and Linux operating systems, Python language and Plone CMS.

Current area of interest is in applying innovative methods of open data and standards, for transparency and anti-corruption. E-mail: khairil.yusof@sinarproject.org

Swee Meng 

“Sweemeng is a software developer working in various startup and company for the past few years. Using his experience, he have helped Sinar Project build and maintain software/infrastructure for their Civic Tech project.

His tools of choice python and linux. On his freetime, he play games, read books and hacking on things. E-mail: sweester@sinarproject.org

Dr. Sophia B Liu

Dr. Sophia B Liu is the first Innovation Specialist at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) working with the Science and Decisions Center, the Energy and Minerals mission area, and the Office of Enterprise Information. She is also the Co-Chair of the Federal Community of Practice for Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science (CCS) as well as the CCS Coordinator for USGS and the Department of Interior. During her USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellowship (2011 – 2015) research on crowdsourcing, citizen science, and civic hacking, she previously worked at the USGS National Earthquake Information Center on the Tweet Earthquake Dispatch project, at the St. Petersburg Coastal Marine Science Center on the “iCoast – Did the Coast Change?” project, and at the USGS National Center on Visualizing Critical Minerals data. Dr. Liu was also awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship in 2006 and received her Ph.D. at the University of Colorado, Boulder in an interdisciplinary program called Technology, Media, and Society. Her doctorate research focused on how the use of social media pertaining to historically significant crises facilitated socially distributed curation to share and manage crisis information in the social media landscape. She also received a B.A. at University of California, Irvine in Social Science specializing in Research & Analytical Methods with two minors in Information & Computer Science and in Digital Arts.

Dr. Liu applies human-computer interaction and computer-supported cooperative work techniques  to better understand the social and behavioral uses of information and communication technology and inform the design of future crowdsourcing, citizen science, and civic hacking efforts that improve government services. She also explores the Socio-cultural, Technological, Organizational, and Policy (STOP) opportunities and challenges with integrating data from the general public and how data science is enabling the communication of information and science online in more interactive ways.  Email: sophialiu@usgs.gov

Anon Chawalawan Anon is head of the Freedom of Expression Documentation Center (iLaw) based in Bangkok Thailand, he was part of the organization since 2013. His major task is to observe and record trial involved with Freedom of Expression in Thailand including Lese Majeste trials and Criminal Defamation trials, number of cases he observed involved with the use of Computer-related Crime Act of 2007 to limit Freedom of Expression in cyber space. Anon also published numbers of articles on iLaw website as well as represent the organization in public seminars or in dialogues with diplomats. Anon obtained M.A. in Politics with specialization in International Relation from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India in 2010 and M.A. in International Law and the Settlement of Disputes from the UN mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica in 2012 E-mail: chawalawan@ilaw.or.th

Cheryl Lowis the Director of Social Business at SimplyGiving, Asia’s leading crowdfunding platform for social good. Cheryl is spearheading Simplygiving’s social lending service, our latest alternative financing product created to make giving more sustainable and catered for social enterprises and microfinance organisations. She is also currently responsible for working with SimplyGiving’s partners in Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand.

Cheryl  is a UK-qualified chartered accountant with more than 18 years’ experience as a financial, operational and business development director, working with MNCs, SMEs and start-ups in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and Kuala Lumpur. Cheryl was a regional auditor for Novartis AG in Singapore; co-founder and Finance Director of an IT and business advisory start-up in Hong Kong (2000-2004); a co-founder and director of Wildlife Asia in Singapore (2005-2007); and Executive Director of China-Britain Business Council, in London and then in Beijing (2007-2015).

Bussabong Wisetpholchai Bussabong is a nurse who works as a researcher and a facilitator at Society and Health Institute, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand. Her research topics are Cultural Competence in Health Care, Patient Experience and Primary Health Care. She is also a project manager of Inspiration at Work project for health workers in Thailand.
E-mail: bussabongcat@gmail.com

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