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Mekong ICT Camp 2015 Facilitators and Speakers

TerryParnell Terry Parnell is Program Director for EWMI’s Open Development Initiative, an online platform independently aggregating and offering up linked open data and other information to inform public dialogue on development issues. The flagship website (www.opendevcam.net) was conceptualized and initiated with Parnell’s guidance in 2012 and is now being expanded to the region.  Parnell has nearly 30 years experience in relief in development, most of it in Asia. She has lived in Cambodia for about 20 years and has worked and traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia. She has graduate degrees in Agriculture and Education.


Adam Adam Hunt, Media and Communications Director, Internews. Adam leads the communications and journalism development work with the Mekong Partnership for the Environment (MPE) project. With MPE, Adam supports a network of environmental journalists and will be launching two websites: The Mekong Eye, a GeoJournalism news website; and Mekong Citizen, which supports information sharing for youth and development practitioners. Adam has worked in Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, and Japan as a project leader, communications specialist, grant maker and trainer. He has held various leadership positions on international development projects (including Internews Thailand-Burma and the APEC Secretariat) and with community development projects in Canada (including Program Director for Pathways to Education). Adam holds a Master’s degree in Planning (International and Community Development) and B.A. degrees in Journalism and Sociology/Commerce. Adam is from Canada and has a passion for media, social justice and lame jokes.


Ryan Ryan Gerety is a Senior Field Analyst at the Open Technology Institute and works on community-controlled infrastructure projects. The Open Technology Institute supports the development of community wireless networks (http://commotionwireless.net) and other community-based technology projects (http://communitytechnology.github.io) as a means of community self-reliance and resilience in the face of natural, political and economic disasters. The Open Technology Institute works towards building an alternative vision of technology in which communities and neighborhoods have direct control over their digital communications, allowing for greater self-determination and power over our shared digital voices. This approach places value on equity, participation, common ownership and sustainability.


Daniel Dan Bishton is the Data and Mapping Manager at Open Development Initiative (ODI). At ODI, Dan creates data visualizations, develops aspects of the Open Development regional and country sites, researches relevant regional topics and manages the ODI editorial team. He has an extensive background with journalism and website development, having worked in the software industry and with major news agencies, such as The Canberra Times and Deutsche Welle.


Mouyleng Mouyleng Lim joined InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia as a Software Developer in 2014. At the iLab, she works on developing both web-based and mobile apps for small and large scale projects. She is a regular speaker at tech events, including BarCamps and Women Techmakers, talking about developing mobile applications. She earned a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Institute of Technology of Cambodia. On Twitter, you can follow her @LIMMouyleng.


Josh Josh Woodard, Regional ICT & Digital Finance Specialist, FHI 360. Josh has over ten years of experience in the international development space, primarily focused on helping people use ICT more effectively to achieve development outcomes. He is currently based in Bangkok from where he oversees activities focused on mobiles and digital finance in Bangladesh, Thailand and Myanmar, as well as serving as a technical expert on ICT and digital finance in several other countries. He is also particularly interested in ethics around open data, a topic he has written and spoken about. He is the author of numerous toolkits on using technology for development and has conducted trainings on using technology for hundreds of people across more than 10 countries globally.


Penhleak Penhleak (Pinkie) Chan is the managing editor of Open Development Cambodia (www.opendevcam.net), a platform which independently aggregates open data and creates information resources to inform the public and promote fact-based open dialogues on development trends in Cambodia. At ODC, Pinkie manages daily operations of the website in regard to content, ensuring that the website meets standards of timeliness, accuracy and completeness.She contributes to the development of editorial guides, protocols and standards. Pinkie also provides strategic oversight and management for content contributions to ODC via collaborations, institutional partnerships and volunteer programs. Since 2014, Pinkie has been a pre-jury member of the Global Editors Network’s Data Journalism Award. She’s interested in innovations for fostering access to information and freedom of expression.


Mishari Mishari Muqbil is an IT Advisor for the Open Develop Initiative, a platform which independently aggregates open data and creates information resources to inform the public and promote fact-based open dialogues on development trends in the Mekong sub-region. He has been involved in the open movement for 20 years.


Victoire Victoire Rio, Partnerships Coordinator, InSTEDD. She currently supports the InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia with partnership development and management. Victoire’s background is in international aid. Her experience spans from supporting emergency responses to overseeing large scale development projects in the fields of health, education, livelihood and civic participation. Victoire’s past experience includes work with the International Rescue Committee, World Vision and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Through her work, Victoire actively advocates for greater integration of technology within the development and humanitarian sector.


Seelan Seelan Palay, Communications and Outreach Coordinator for EngageMedia, has been an artist, filmmaker and activist since 2004. He has campaigned on human rights issues in Southeast Asia, with a focus on Singapore and Myanmar. He has produced over 100 videos and has organized numerous exhibitions, demonstrations, forums and workshops to raise awareness and encourage action to bring about positive change in the region. As Communications and Outreach Coordinator for EngageMedia, he works to broaden public access and communication on critical human rights and environmental stories from Southeast Asia. He also manages the Crossroads project on migrant workers, refugees and stateless people.


Chutika Chutika Udomsinn, Founder of Good Factory, a Bangkok-based social enterprise with missions to promote the use of technologies for social innovations through workshops, hackathons, and incubation programs. Prior to Good Factory, Chutika and friends worked on a mobile application called Snap ‘n Bite that won Bangkok Social Innovation Camp in 2013. Before that, she had worked for 7 years as a software engineer in Canada and the US. Chutika holds a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.


Nikita Nikita Umnov is the Training and Network Manager at Open Development Initiative (ODI). At ODI, Nikita assists with research, training of partners, donor outreach, budgeting, operations and compliance. Nikita has five years of experience in project management in the international NGO sector. He has worked on civil society, rule of law and ICT4D projects in Fiji, Cambodia, Montenegro, Serbia and Liberia. Before working in international development, he was a community outreach organizer in New York City.


Kyal Kyal Yi Lin Six is a filmmaker best know for her documentary ‘The Open Sky’, which was banned in Myanmar due to pressure from religious extremists.She started her career as a reporter at Myanmar People Magazine in 2005, and has had more than ten years of experience working as a journalist for various media outlets in Myanmar. She is also a published novelist with five books under her belt. Also a technology enthusiast, she has previously worked as a web activist for non profit organization in Myanmar.


Channa Channa Ly has been a software engineer for nearly ten years. He has experience in developing, analyzing, designing, coding, testing, and delivering web applications. He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering in Information Sciences and Technologies from Cienfuegos University in Cuba in 2008. Currently he is a core member of the ShareVisionTeam, a technology community in Phnom Penh. Channa blogs about coding, hacking, and cycling at www.channaly.info.


chatchai Chatchai Aphibanpoonpon is the founder and manager of Klongdinsor Co., Ltd. By working through the three pillars; education, employment, and awareness, Klongdinsor’s vision is to create an inclusive society where people with and without disabilities can live together in harmony. Klongdinsor launched the first product, Lensen Drawing Kit, a drawing kit for blind children, last year which is now being used in every schools for the blind in Thailand and also exporting aboard. Even though his education background is in Economics and Finance, he believe that designing is all about understanding the needs of users. With the help of technologies of this era such as internet and 3d printers, designing, prototyping, and turning idea into reality are now easier than ever.


arthit-side Arthit Suriyawongkul is a researcher at Foundation for Internet and Civic Culture. A computer scientist and cultural anthropologist  by training. Arthit started his career as a software localization engineer at Sun Microsystems. He later joined academic and industrial artificial intelligence research groups, in journalism and medical domains. Since 2006, he giving consultation and working for a number of organizations involving ICT for developments, journalism, and information rights, like Campaign for Popular Media Reform, and Creative Commons Thailand. In 2012, he finished his anthropology master on cultural politics on Thai online social network during the time of national conflicts. Tweeting tweeting as @bact.


Abhishek K. is a community technologist associated with Janastu हैकरgram (http://hackergram.org), a rural hackerspace in Karnataka, India. Abhishek is working with the villages around Janastu हैकरgram to build a community owned wireless mesh network (COWMesh) that will be used primarily by women and children through PiFiTV, a television based delivery model based on the Raspberry Pi single board computer. The COWMesh project is supported by the Open Technology Institute and is being implemented by Bangalore based technology firm Servelots (http://servelots.com) in partnership with The Mojolab Foundation (http://mojolab.org), a research and development organization working on building viable and sustainable solutions for low income communities.


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